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Crema Portafilter Baskets 54mm for Sage
Portafilter Baskets 54mm for Sage
The single wall, non-pressurized, double-shot filter baskets of Crema Products are designed to be an OEM swap for the 54mm Sage portafilters baskets.
Crema Dosing Funnel 54mm
Dosing Funnel 54mm
The dosing rings are specifically designed to help eliminate the overflow of coffee grinds while dosing into your portafilter. Eliminating overflow helps you reduce mess, waste, and in turn, will result in much more consistent dosing weights.
Crema Bottomless Portafilter 54mm (Medium-Dark)
Bottomless Portafilter 54mm (Medium-Dark)
This 54mm bottomless portafilter is made from 304 stainless steel, and all natural sandalwood handles. Suitable for Sage espresso machines.
Crema Steam Lever (Brushed Silver)
Steam Lever (Brushed Silver)
Stainless teel steam lever for your Sage! The perfect mixture of function and form.
Crema Tamper Puck
Tamper Puck
A rubber tamping mat to rest your tamper upon.
Crema Tamper & Distributor Combo 53.3mm (Silver)
Tamper & Distributor Combo 53.3mm (Silver)
This convenient dual-purpose distribution/tamping tool allows you to evenly distribute your coffee grounds, and then tamp your grounds with consistent pressure, every time. The 53.3mm double-sided tamper & distributor combo is specifically designed for th