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    Crema Puck Screen (53.4mm)

    Product description

    Crema Puck Screen (53.4mm)

    The Crema Puck Screen will help to evenly distribute water to the coffee bed. The high pressure water flow from your espressomachine won't disrupt your carefully prepared coffee puck; the screen interrupts and distributes the flow evenly over your coffee grounds, preventing channeling and ensuring a balanced extraction.

    Keeping your equipment clean

    Using a puck screen further reduces any coffee particles to enter the grouphead of your espresso machine, so there is less cleaning needed. With this Puck Screen you are able to work cleaner, while improving the quality of your shots.

    Suitable for all 54mm filter baskets

    This Crema Puck Screen is not only applicable for Crema baskets and portafilters. The screen fits all 54mm baskets. These Puck Screens are produced with 316L steel, are 1.7mm thick, and have a 150 microns filter mesh size. Exact diameter: 53.4mm



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    Crema Crema Puck Screen (53.4mm)
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