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    Varia VS3 (White)

    Product description

    Varia VS3 (White)

    The Varia VS3 (2nd generation) electric grinder is the ideal single dose grinder for every situation. This grinder delivers high grinding speed for both filtercoffee and espresso, while maintaining its grinding consistency and precision thanks to the improved burr alignment. 

    Stepless grind adjustment

    The Varia VS3 features an improved stepless grind adjustment. The hopper can be turned in the desired direction; 1-4 is perfect for espresso, and larger grind sizes work well with every filter method. As a result of the stepless assembly, the Varia VS3 can achieve virtually endless particle sizes, giving you full access to experimenting with your brews. Each shift of the burr represents a 20-micron relative vertical burr shift or 0.02mm per increment.

    Zero retention 

    The Varia VS3 Electric Grinder utilises a sloped geometry with a 76.5° acute angle. Using this geometry allows for ideal zero retention conditions as well as a better workflow while adding coffee to the hopper, making grind adjustments, and it provides 180° access to the dosing cup. The anti-static design incorporates metal parts treated with anti-static oxidation surface treatment, ensuring minimal static retention and ensuring that coffee only comes into contact with metal throughout the entire process, from the hopper to the dosing cup.

    Purging will not be necessary when grinding different coffees with a retention of less than 0.1 over a 10g dose when using the included spray bottle. 

    Smart design for optimal user experience

    Not only the looks of this grinder are slick, also the idea behind the design is worth mentioning. This grinder has a remarkably small footprint, making it the perfect grinder for every kitchen or workspace. This grinder has been designed with premium stainless steel and aluminum materials, including a convenient non-slip silicone base that ensures stability while grinding. 

    The Varia grinder comes with integrated magnets in the hopper lid to stick to the hopper, and in the base of the grinder to connect with the included dosing cup.

    Replaceable burrs, suiting your preference

    Whether your main focus lies on espresso or filter brews, the Varia VS3 allows for quick and easy burr swapping. The included burrset can be upgraded to the Hypernova Ultra Burr Set (38mm) for optimal control for both filter and espresso. These burrs create very even partical distribution, medium body and increased flavor clarity in your cup.

    If your predominant focus lies in the art of espresso brewing, the Hypernova Burr Set (38mm) is the way to go. These burrs create the most consistant grind size for espresso, and increase the range for the sweetspot for every coffee. The cup profile will be high in body, clarity and balance. 

    Included in the box:

    - VS3 Grinder (Stainless Steel Supernova Burr Installed)

    - User Manual

    - DC power adapter (Includes selected AC power cord and plug)

    - Magnetic dosing cup

    - Silicone bellows for hopper

    - 5ml RDT spray bottle

    - Cleaning brush

    - Replacement set of 4x burr chamber springs

    - Allen key for burr housing screws

    Specifications Varia VS3 (White)

    - Weight: 3.2 kg

    - Dimensions (HxLxW): 310 x 147 x 90 mm

    - Motor: 100W DC motor / 160RPM (No load speed)

    - Voltage: 100-240V

    - Burrs: 38mm conical steel

    - Grindsize adjustment: stepless (20 micron per increment)

    - Grinding speed: Espresso: 0.363g/second / Filter: 0.571g/second

    - Retention (for 10g): With RDT <0.1g / No RDT: <0.2g

    - Hopper capacity: 30 grams


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