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    Varia FLO Dripper

    Varia Varia FLO Dripper
    Product description

    Varia FLO Dripper

    Varia and Kurasu Kyoto collaborated on this new and innovative "Flexible Liquid Output" Dripper.

    FLO is a study into the effects of flow dynamics in extractions. A patented design created by Varia and refined by Kurasu, FLO utilises a two part assembly with interchangeable flow screens which provided variations in flow rate, flow paths and contact time.

    Change the flow rate according to your coffee

    This flat bottom dripper was developed to allow for complete versatility and control over the pour over process. Being able to change the filter plate - and therefore the amount of contact points with the paper filter - allows for a change in brewing parameters in order to extract the maximum potential from each coffee. 

    The different screens (Fast, Medium and Slow are included) have been designed with the utmost precision. Chemical photo etching technology provides an extremely precise cutting of ultra thin stainless steel and can achieve a hole size as narrow as 0.25mm. Advanced geometries and patterns can also be cut with ultra clean and precise edges for perfect uniformity and consistency of flow rates.

    Twin wall isolated stainless steel body

    A twin wall technology with an insulation layer is used to achieve ideal heat retention in the brew chamber while allowing for a minimalistic traditional style of dripper body. This dripper has no handle, but the twin walls make sure you always have a cold touch on the exterior while brewing. 

    Specifications Varia - FLO Dripper

    Dimensions (H x W): 8.5 x 11 cm  

    Weight: 165 grams

    Materials: polished stainless steel and silicone 

    Recommended filter paper: Kalita Wave 185

    Package contains: FLO Dripper, 3x FLO screens (Fast, Medium, & Slow flow)


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