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    Pullman 876 Filtration Basket (19-22 gram)

    Pullman Pullman 876 Filtration Basket (19-22 gram)
    Product description

    Pullman precision filter baskets

    The Australian company Pullman has been making premium products for baristas since 2002. The Bigstep tamper has been the best and finest tamper on the market for years. The Pullman 876 filter baskets have an inner diameter of 58.70 mm. As a result, the BigStep tamper is used to its maximum potential.

    Guaranteed 58.70 mm and 786 holes

    Each Pullman filter basket has 786 precision lasered holes for optimum consistency and extraction.

    Pullman filter baskets

    17-19 grams and 19-22 grams

    The 17-19 gram and 19-22 gram filter baskets are optimal for espresso machines with a 58 mm portafilter. For most espressos, 17-19 gram is ideal. For more modern espresso shots with a higher dosage of up to 22 grams, we recommend the 19-22 grams filterbakets.

    Click on the link for the Pullman Bigstep tampers range.


    5 / 5Based on 1 reviews
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Sietse on 5 September 2023

      Past natuurlijk perfect met de BigStep.


      Past natuurlijk perfect met de BigStep.

      • +Kwaliteit
      • +Perfect met de BigStep van Pullman
      • -Prijs, vergeleken met een merkloos filterbakje
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