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    Pullman Chisel Redistribution Tool (Black)

    Product description

    Chisel Redistribution Tool (Black)

    The best distribution tool in its class. Quickly and easily distribute the coffee grounds in the filter basket before tamping.

    Pullman Chisel Redistribution tool

    Even distribution and compression

    Getting the best density and flatness of the puck requires a good compromise between vertical (tamping) and horizontal (levelling) movement. This way you get an even and consistent puck distribution and compression. The redistribution tool should be set so that as much ground coffee as possible is distributed evenly, but not too low that individual zones are already tamped. The result is optimal when the ground coffee is evenly distributed, but still loose enough to be compressed during tamping.

    Minimal tamping surface

    Downward pressure on the coffee bed is tamping, avoid this as much as possible during the puck preparation.

    Regardless of the distribution tool setting, the percentage of pressed ground coffee with the Chisel is 6%. This is significantly less than competing tools that already start at 30%.

    Pullman Chisel Redistribution tool

    Anodized aluminum.

    Robust, classic, simple - made of anodized aluminum. The electrolytic oxidation of aluminum makes the material harder and more resistant to scratches and corrosion. Anodized distribution tools are also largely resistant to impact damage because no paint is applied during anodizing - the top layer of aluminum is converted to an oxide. The resulting water resistance and low weight make the distribution tool the perfect companion for the professional barista.

    Pullman distribution tool

    Specifications :

    - stepless height adjustment
    - low weight (431.5 g)
    - starts at 6% surface coverage
    - the steep angle design prevents compression of zones in the coffee bed
    - low friction surface facilitates turning and prevents overloading
    - hand-polished base minimizes static charge
    - 316 degree stainless steel



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