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    Wise Distribution Tool (WDT)

    Product description

    The Wise Distribution Tool by Happy Tamper

    Preparing the coffee grounds before extracting all the beautiful flavours becomes easy and fun with the 'Wise' Distribution Tool (WDT) by Happy Tamper. These kind of tools are getting more popular among home- and professional baristas. The needles of a WDT-tool eliminate clumps of coffee grounds, and they ensure that the coffee is evenly distributed around the filterbasket. This increases the chance of even extraction of your espressoshot.

    Happy Tamper WDT Tool

    Retractable needles

    The Wise Distribution Tool has 8 needles that are easily retractible. This decreases risk of breaking or bending the needles. Moreover - by sliding the needles in or out - you can change the angle of the needles. Use a very small angle to stirr your filter bloom, or increase the angle by sliding the needles out for every size of filterbasket.

    WDT Tool Happy Tamper

    Convenience and optimal control 

    This WDT-tool is well-built and is comparable with the size and shape of a pen. This makes the Wise Distribution Tool pleasant to work with, and gives you full control your puck-preparation process. The 8 needles have a rounded tip of 0.30 mm that are able to break all the clumps in the coffee grounds. 

    With your purchase you will now temporarily receive an extra set of needles! Do you want to store the Wise Distribution Tool upright when not in use? Then take a look at the 'Base For Wise Distribution Tool'.


    - Suitable at home or in cafés

    - Increases the chance of even extraction

    - Suitable for both espresso and filter

    - Needles are easily adjustable 

    - Replaceable stainless steel needles with rounded tip

    - Comes with extra replacement needles in case of damage



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