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    Sage Barista Pro Black Stainless espresso machine + Free Blend Tasting Package

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    Product description

    Sage - The Barista Pro (Black Stainless)

    Make barista-quality coffee at home with the Sage Barista Pro semi-automatic espresso machine. The intuitive interface gives you control over all the information you need to prepare the perfect espresso. With the built-in shot timer and 30 grind settings you have full control over the extraction time. The Sage Barista Pro has a built-in grinder that you can set on time for the right amount of ground coffee. The right amount in combination with the right extraction time ensures the full taste of an espresso. With a three-second heat-up time, PID temperature control and precise espresso extraction, your delicious, professional-quality coffee is made in no time.

    Benefits Sage Barista Pro Black Stainless

    • Display with shot timer
    • 30 grinding settings (grinding position can be read on the display)
    • Powerful steam pressure
    • ThermoJet heating system
    • Spacious worktop
    • Digital programming and cleaning programs

    Online Coffee Masterclass: Sage Appliances X Blommers

    Do you want to learn how to make Third Wave Specialty Coffee at home? Together with Sage Appliances we organize Online Coffee Masterclasses. View the available events and register here (for free). The Masterclass is highly recommended if you have purchased one of the Sage espresso machines, but also if you are interested in purchasing one.

    Intuitive interface Sage Barista Pro

    The LCD screen provides feedback on the progress of the grinding and extraction. The display provides just the right information about the settings you need for the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

    Faster warm-up time

    The innovative ThermoJet heating system reaches the optimum extraction temperature within three seconds and instantly switches from espresso to steam. You'll never have to wait for that perfect cup of coffee again.

    Espresso machine with integrated coffee grinder

    Place the filter carrier in the holder and with just one tap forward the integrated grinder. The cone-shaped grinding burrs start to grind the fresh beans automatically. You can set the automatic dosage exactly with the timer. Always use the same amount of coffee for a consistent and perfect taste. Use the Razor tool or a digital scale for this. Adjustable grinding degree and dosage. The hopper is easy to remove and automatically closes, so you can easily change coffee beans or clean the grinders.

    Dosage of 19 grams for a full taste

    Make a consistent, balanced espresso with the right amount of ground coffee. The 54mm 19g portafilter is essential for full flavor and professional quality coffee. The Razor tool provides the right amount of coffee of approximately 19 grams. Because the amount of coffee always remains the same, you only have to adjust the adjustable grinding degree. Finer when the lead time falls below 25 seconds and coarser when extracting more than 35 seconds. Around 30 seconds you get the perfect cup of coffee that is nicely balanced. We recommend using the single-walled double filter basket with the ideal dosage of 19 grams for a double espresso. Always use fresh coffee beans so that you are guaranteed a good high pressure in the brew group for the tastiest espresso and crema.

    Precise espresso extraction Barista Pro

    Digital temperature control (PID) ensures that the water has the correct temperature (+/- 2 degrees Celsius) for optimal espresso extraction. With low pressure pre-infusion, the pressure is gradually increased from the start, balancing all the flavors during the extraction for a harmonious cup of coffee.

    Milk texturing with micro foam

    The device has a powerful steam wand for manually texturing milk into fine foam to enhance the taste of coffee and even create latte art.



    Frequently Asked Questions Sage Barista Pro:

    What is the difference between Black Truffle and Black Stainless?

    The Barista Pro is available in two colors of black. Black Stainless and Black Truffle. The Color Black Stainless is the newest color and has a dark anthracite steel color. The Black Truffle variant has a matte black lacquer.

    What is the difference between the Sage Barista Express and the Barista Pro?

    The Barista Pro is the more luxurious brother of the Barista Express. The Pro has the Thermo Jet heating system that heats up in three seconds. If you drink a lot of cappuccinos, this is ideal as the machine has to heat up to get the right steam pressure. This goes very quickly with the Barista Pro. The built-in coffee grinder of the pro has 30 grinding settings instead of 18 as with the Barista Express and can therefore be adjusted more precisely. On the display and you can read, among other things, the throughput time of the espresso. The sump is larger and can therefore collect more water and has a wider working surface.

    Product specifications

    Available colors

    Black Truffle
    Black Stainless
    Brushed Stainless Steel


    - Razor dosing tool
    - Stainless steel portafilter (54mm)
    - Single and double wall filter trays (1 Cup and 2 Cup)
    - Integrated tamper
    - Stainless steel milk jug (480ml)
    - Cleaning set
    - ClaroSwiss Water Filter

    Dimensions (WxDxH)

    35.4 x 41 x 40.6 cm


    Content of bean container: 250 grams
    Water tank volume/content: 2 litres

    Construction materials

    Brushed stainless steel
    BPA-free water tank


    2-year repair, replacement or refund warranty (at the discretion of Sage Appliances).


    Adjustable grind
    Intuitive LCD interface
    Volumetric control (1 and 2 cup)


    220-240 Volt


    1650 Watt



    Product specifications

    Article number
    9002-The Barista Pro (Black Stainless)


    5 / 5Based on 3 reviews
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Ben van Maanen on 21 June 2023

      2 x gekocht, beide exported naar Zuid Afrika waar de Barista Pro niet te koop is.

    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Ben van Maanen on 6 June 2023

      Very simple to use, compact & excellent product.

    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Fabienne on 18 May 2023

      Super machine en levering!


      Super machine en levering!

      • +Makkelijk in gebruik en erg goede koffie
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