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    NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

    Product description

    NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

    Get ready to experiment with this no bypass brewer that allows for optimal control and even extractions.

    Check out this flat bottom brewer that everyone is raving about! NextLevel Brewer Company teamed up with astrophysicist - and coffee scientist - Jonathan Gagne in order to bring you this mindblowing, no-bypass brewer. Equipped with a shower screen on top, and a flow control valve at the bottom, you are in full control over your brew. This brewer allows you to reach even extractions and experiment any way you like. Available in black and white.


    Diffused Pouring

    Start a controlled brew with a uniform wetting of the grounds with the carefully designed dispersion cap. Using this shower screen not only allows uniform wetting and control over agitation, it also means you don't need a gooseneck kettle. No fancy gear is needed to use this brewer, so it even enables you to recreate your brews when camping or in a hotel.

    No Water Bypass

    Where conical drippers like the V60 or Origami dripper have a certain level of bypass (water leaving the filter without flowing through the coffee grounds), the Pulsar Brewer is a no-bypass brewer just like the AeroPress and Tricolate Brewer. Placing the special Pulsar paper filter at the bottom of the brewer eliminates the unknown amount of water bypassing the coffee bed. This provides more control over the strength with a certain brew ratio. 22% extraction yields are common with a 1:17 ratio. The result is a sweet, full, and balanced cup.


    Valved Flow Control

    The flow control valve at the bottom of the Pulsar is what makes this dripper truly revolutionary and a great choice for those who love experimenting with their brews. Instead of using an "on/off-switch" (as seen in the Hario Switch), the valve on the Pulsar Brewer can be closed, opened and anywhere in between. This allows you to hold your blooms, pours and play with drawdown time. Best results are with an average grind size that is somewhat courser than you would do for a conical pour-over.

    Check out different brew guides and recipes by NextLevel, Scott Rao and others on NextLevel's website!

    Specifications NextLevel Pulsar Brewer

    - Available colors: black and white

    - Package contains: Pulsar Brewer, 100x Pulsar filters

    - Weight: 455 grams

    - Dimensions: 11 x 11 cm

    - Material: tritan plastic


    5 / 5Based on 1 reviews
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Tamoghna Datta on 10 June 2024

      Excellent product, I had some delicious results with this brewer


      Excellent product, I had some delicious results with this brewer

      • +No bypass coffee, can play around easily with variables, very forgiving to errors, well built as well
      • -Cleaning maybe a bit of a mess
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