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    Felicita ARC Espresso Scale

    Product description

    Felicita ARC Espresso Scale

    Built with a stylish & durable quality aluminum body, the Arc’s espresso scale is ready to help you extract the perfect espresso shot. It's minimalistic design makes it the perfect scale for every espresso machine. The ample width of the scale is ideal for two cups (or a portafilter); no more struggling trying to fit your favorite cups on the scale. 

    Quality built 

    The Arc Espresso Scale has a strong aluminium body and is waterproof, incredibly fast and very accurate. The scale has a capacity of 2000 grams with 0.1 g increments.

    User-friendly functions

    This espresso scale is very user-friendly with it's simple design. It's standard mode enables you to keep track of time and weight, but the scale has auto-timer and auto-tare functions as well. For those who aspire to save and analyse different recipes there is the Felicita-app which can be connected to the scale. The app allows you to keep track of flow-rate and different recipes. Be aware: The Felicita-app currently only works on iOs devices. 


    - Weight: 650 g

    - Dimensions: 10.5 × 13.5 × 1.55 cm

    - Color: Black

    - Material: Aluminium

    - Waterproof: Yes

    - 2000g Capacity in 0.1g Increments

    - Auto-tare, Auto-timer modes

    - Bluetooth connectivity with Felicita App

    - Lithium-ion USB rechargeable



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