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    Cafec Arita Ware Flower Dripper - 4 Cup (Hydrangea Blue)

    Product description

    The Cafec Arita Ware Flower Dripper, hand-made Japanese craftsmanship

    This cone-shaped, porcelain flower petal dripper is more than just a goodlooking dripper. Each Flower Dripper is hand-made using traditional Japanese Arita Ware technique. This technique creates smooth but strong and durable ceramics. The power of this dripper is the flower-like pattern on the inner wall. They allow the coffee grounds to expand perfectly, and they also create enough space between the filter paper and the wall of the dripper. The flower pattern is more sparse at the top of the wall, and becomes more narrow at the bottom. This generates variable speed of water flow; the flow slows down when reaching the bottom of the brewer. This increases the sweetness in your cup, creating a well-balanced cup of coffee. 

    Specifications Cafec Arita Ware Flower Dripper - 4 cup (Hydrangea Blue)

    - Materials: Ceramic
    - Product weight: 469g
    - Product dimension: 140x120x120 mm
    - For 3-4 cups


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    Cafec Cafec Arita Ware Flower Dripper - 4 Cup (Hydrangea Blue)
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