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    Cafec Abaca+ Cone-shaped Paper Filter Cups 4 (100 stuks)

    Cafec Cafec Abaca+ Cone-shaped Paper Filter Cups 4 (100 stuks)
    Product description

    Cafec Abaca+: more than just a filter 

    The Abaca+ paper filters are very thin and enable you to get full extraction of your coffee. The thin abaca paper creates a fast drawdown time, allowing you to grind even finer for your pourover. This without clogging the filter at the bottom. It creates a delicate and clean cup, full of sweetness.

    The two-sided crepe with a good balanced height provides a large surface area for rapid water flow, which allows the coffee to flow smoothly and steadily to the server. The suggested brewing temperature is 90°C, at which the coffee will be full of balanced and rich flavor.

    Cafec Medium/Dark Roast Papieren koffie filter

    The filter paper helps to perfectly extract the flavour of your coffee. With the help of the density and thickness of the filter paper, a unique flavour is extracted, and a cup of balanced and rich coffee is ready to be tasted.

    It is made from 100% natural wood pulp of artificially planted forest areas, without adding any fluorescent substance.


    • Low density
    • Two-sided Crepe (good balanced height)
    • 100% natural wood pulp
    • Suitable for Cafec Flower Dripper Cup 4, also compatible with conical drippers (such as Origami Dripper M and Hario V60 size 02)
    • For 2-4 Cups


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    Cafec Cafec Abaca+ Cone-shaped Paper Filter Cups 4 (100 stuks)
    CafecCafec Abaca+ Cone-shaped Paper Filter Cups 4 (100 stuks)

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