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1Z Presso Co. Ltd was established in Taiwan and founded by a group of coffee enthusiasts with an engineering background. Born out of our love for Specialty Coffee and a desire to create something unique, they build their first manual grinder. After entering the market for coffee grinders, some coffee enthusiasts were skeptical of the price gap between 1Zpresso grinders and premium brands such as Comandante and Kinu. But, after some people tried it, the word got out fast.


The “1” in 1Zpresso is pronounced “eee” in Chinese. So the official pronunciation is not “One-Z-Presso” but “Easypresso”. 1Zpresso has become one of the most relevant manual grinder brands. The key components to the company’s success has been specialization and high-quality standards.


The JX-pro grinder is suitable for both pour-over and espresso. The 12.5-micron adjustment makes finding the espresso sweet spot easy. The JX-Pro and JX share the same burr which has a balanced and perfect flavor profile.


K-Max is the ultimate manual grinder and is a combination of K-Pro and K-Plus with a slimmer magnetic catch cup (without blindshaker set). The K-Max has 9 numbers and 90 clicks per round, and an adjustment of 22 microns per click. A perfect grinder for both pour over and espresso!




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