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    1Zpresso X-Ultra (Space Grey)

    Product description

    1Zpresso X-Ultra (Space Grey)

    The ultimate compact manual grinder.

    Looking for a small, portable manual grinder that delivers exceptional performance? Upgraded from the X Pro S, it boasts a sleek all-metal exterior, an externally adjustable design for quick zeroing, and a tool-free disassembly feature for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

    Elegant and practical 

    Featuring an all-metal construction, this device combines aesthetics with functionality. The externally adjustable design, compatible with quick zeroing, allows for convenient external adjustments to the grind size. The removable adjustment ring facilitates swift zeroing, providing users with an intuitive way to adjust the scale, ensuring both a pleasing appearance and practical functionality. Moreover, this upgraded model comes with a magnetic catch cup.

    40mm-Heptagonal Stainless Steel Burr for Uniform Grinding

    This handgrinder incorporates a specially designed 40mm-heptagonal stainless steel burr, similar to the X Pro S. The sharper edges of this burr set enable the production of consistently uniform coffee grounds, resulting in a cleaner and more refined flavour profile.

    Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

    The tool-free disassembly design ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance. Each component can be finely detached, facilitating convenient internal cleaning to preserve the performance and lifespan of the grinder.

    Product includes

    1. X-Ultra Manual Grinder
    2. Cleaning brush
    3. Anti-slip rubber
    4. Carrying Case

    Main Features

    • Dimensions: 28 × 15 × 22 cm
    • Weight: 1000 grams
    • 40mm-heptagonal stainless steel conical burr
    • 60 clicks/round-circle, more than 170 clicks
    • 12.5 microns adjustment between each click
    • External adjustment dial ring
    • Quick zeroing
    • Design for all kinds of coffee brewing
    • Foldable crank


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