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    1Zpresso J-Ultra

    1Zpresso 1Zpresso J-Ultra
    Product description

    1Zpresso J-Ultra

    Experience perfection in every cup.

    Discover the 1Zpresso J-Ultra Manual Grinder—a compact, portable masterpiece that effortlessly achieves coffee perfection. Engineered with a distinctive conical, 48mm titanium-coated burr design reminiscent of the renowned J-Max model, this grinder offers unparalleled precision.

    What sets the J-Ultra apart is its exceptional precision, featuring an astounding 100 clicks per rotation, enabling an ultra-fine 0.008mm adjustment per click. Surpassing even the J-Max, this level of control allows you to customize your grind size to absolute perfection for both espresso and filter brewing methods, but this grinder really excels in the espresso-range.

    Product includes

    1. 1Zpresso J-Ultra Manual Grinder (Iron Grey)
    2. Cleaning brush
    3. Cleaning blower
    4. 1Zpresso Carry Case

    Main Features

    • Conical Titanium-Coated Burr 48mm
    • Remarkably precise grind settings (0.0008mm per click)
    • Faster, less laborious grinding experience
    • Precise external adjustment dial ring
    • Large-capacity magnetic catch-cup (35-40g)
    • Ideal for both Espresso and Filter coffee enthusiasts
    • Recommended for espresso aficionados


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