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    Barista Hustle - Tamper (58.5mm)

    Product description

    The Barista Hustle Tamper: durable, lightweight and accurate

    A good tamper is essential in the making of a good espresso. This tamper is enjoyable and easy to use. The handle is made with anodized aluminum and feels smooth and slim, but provides enough grip while tamping. The ridge at the base makes it easy to check if the tamper is alligned straight onto the puck, limiting the chance of channeling. With its 58.5 mm diameter, this tamper is compatible with most modern espressomachines.

    No vacuum effect

    A small cavity at the base of the tamper is designed to limit the vacuum force when removing the tamper from the basket. This prevents breaking the puck, or even pulling it out of the basket after tamping.

    Replaceable tamper base

    Most tampers need to be fully replaced after (frequently) hitting the floor or other objects. Tampers with damage on the base will no longer provide the shot quality you are used to. This Barista Hustle has a replaceable tamper base, so you are no longer forced to buy a totally new tamper after damaging it.

    Specifications Barista Hustle Tamper

    Dimension tamper: 58.5 mm

    Height handle: 8.6 cm

    Weight: 250 grams

    Meterials: anodized aluminum, stainless steel

    Replaceable base: yes


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