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    Ascaso Steel Duo PID (Black)

    Product description

    Ascaso Steel Duo PID Espresso Machine

    The Ascaso Steel Duo PID is a professional espresso machine for at home. Make perfect espressos or cappuccinos of coffee bar quality with the Ascaso Steel thanks to the precise electronic PID temperature control, adjustable OPV, volumetric control and the double thermoblock. Thanks to the second thermoblock, it is possible to simultaneously prepare espresso and froth milk for cappuccino. You don't have to wait until the thermoblock has reached the right temperature, so you have steam faster to enjoy that delicious cappuccino. The machine is built with high quality materials and feels solid. With the industrial and sleek appearance, you really have a showpiece in the kitchen. We also encounter the machine in smaller offices with up to 10 employees.

    Craft well, very well" This is Ascaso's motto.

    The Ascaso machines are made by hand in Barcelona. Ascaso wants to make reliable machines by building them with the utmost care and using a professional brew group and high-quality materials.

    Features Ascaso Duo espresso machine

    • Semi-automatic espresso machine
    • Separate thermoblock for steam (new model with 25% more power)
    • Energy efficient
    • 58 mm portafilter with wooden handle
    • 2 liter water tank
    • Standby option
    • Cup warmer
    • Barista lighting
    • Espresso shot counter
    • Easily adjustable pump pressure
    • Metal knobs work great and give industrial look

    Product demonstration video

    Robust industrial frame

    Built with high quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and brass. The use of plastic is kept to a minimum.

    Cool touch steam pipe

    Multi-directional up to 360º, and does not heat up. This reduces the risk of burns and is easy to clean because the proteins do not adhere directly to the steam pipe.

    Powerful steam

    The new aluminum + stainless steel group guarantees continuous and unlimited steam. Thanks to the fact that no limescale builds up on the stainless steel circuit, the service life is many times longer.

    Thermoblock benefits

    • Thermal stability, thanks to the high capacity, long internal pipe, optimized with electronic temperature control.
    • Continuous clean water for every preparation. The quality of the water remains optimal because the water does not remain in the boiler and is heated again and again. This ensures an optimal taste and aroma of the coffee.
    • Less limescale, easy-to-clean stainless steel circuit reduces limescale.
    • Unlimited steam, constant pressure and no damage to the heating element from low water levels.

    Steam without boiler

    You can make the same fine foam (suitable for latte art) with the Duo PID as you can expect from a boiler system. Frothing with a PID system is slightly slower, and with frothing you will have to bring the steam pipe less deeply below the milk surface to heat and circulate the milk. Home baristas often like it if the milk is not heated too quickly so that there is more time to find the right thickness and circulation of the foam. In addition to lower power consumption, the use of a thermoblock has the following advantages:

    • Improved energy consumption from 35% to 70%, according to EN60661 test
    • No malfunctions on heating elements. Ascaso also offers a 5-year warranty on the included steam unit
    • Waiting time for activation 2 minutes. Our steam unit is ready within 2 minutes of switching on. Once switched on, steam generation is instantaneous. A boiler takes between 15 and 25 minutes from start-up
    • Constant steam. A boiler takes a few minutes to recover if it has previously produced steam. With the extra thermoblock especially for steam, there is no waiting time to recover. During the whole process it does not lose steam, it is constant for 3 minutes (maximum set for system safety) and then recovers immediately
    • Clean water in every steam service (no water constantly overheating)

    Electronic PID Temperature Control 

    The PID control ensures a stable temperature of the water during preparation and makes it possible to set this temperature accurately per degree. The Duo PID version is the most professional version of the Ascao Steel and has the following extra features.

    • Adjustable in one degree increments
    • Electronic steam control (ESC)
    • Standby option is available
    • coffee timer
    • Programmable pre-infusion. (0 to 5 seconds)
    • Select the temperature of the steam group via the display. From 110°C to 165°C
    • coffee counter
    • Alarm (Display indicates error type)

    Supplied accessories

    - Measuring scoop
    - Aluminum tamper
    - Wooden portafilter with double coffee spout
    - Filter baskets (1 and 2 cup filter basket)
    - Pressurized filter baskets (1- and 2 cup filter basket)
    - Blind filter
    - Filter for pods (ese)
    - Instruction manual

    Unboxing video

    Preparing coffee video

    Milk frothing video

    Video settings menu


    Dimensions w/h/d270x360x315 mm
    Water tank content2 liters
    Weight15 kilograms
    Independent coffee/steam groupYes
    Steam pipeStainless steel, ø10mm, Heat resistant
    Filter carrierstainless steel ø58mm
    Pump pressureAdjustable by OPV
    Coffee thermostatAdjustable by PID
    Steam thermostatAdjustable by PID
    Pressure gaugeYes
    OPV pressure controlYes
    Active cup warmerYes
    PID ControlYes
    Thermal cover for groupsYes
    Wooden handlesYes

    Available in three colors

    The Ascaso Steel Duo PID is available in three colours. Black, White and Stainless Steel. We can deliver the black version immediately when it is in stock in our webshop. If you would like a different color, we can order it for you.

    Order the espresso machine now online in our webshop or make an appointment for a product demonstration at the roastery in Nijmegen. The machine is supplied without a coffee grinder, you will find coffee grinders on this page.

    Working with a semi-automatic machine is fantastic, but please note that you need to gain some knowledge for adjusting the coffee and frothing the milk. We are happy to help you with this through workshops or free online webinar.


    5 / 5Based on 1 reviews
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Frederik Degryse on 4 January 2023
      Heb de Ascaso Steel Duo PID nu ongeveer 1 maand, het is een schitterend, mooi gemaakt espressomachine.
      De afwerking is erg mooi én hij maakt ook héél lekkere espresso. De mogelijkheden met pre-infusie, temperatuurregeling zi...
      Heb de Ascaso Steel Duo PID nu ongeveer 1 maand, het is een schitterend, mooi gemaakt espressomachine. De afwerking is erg mooi én hij maakt ook héél lekkere espresso. De mogelijkheden met pre-infusie, temperatuurregeling zijn in deze prijsklasse zelden te vinden. Ook de stoom is erg krachtig en continu. Kortom erg tevreden.
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