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    AeroPress XL

    Product description

    AeroPress XL

    The big brother of the Aeropress family.

    The AeroPress XL is the newest addition to the range of AeroPress brewers. Over the past years, there was a growing demand for an AeroPress with a larger capacity. The increased capacity of 500 ml enables you to brew for multiple people at once, and discover a whole range of new brewing recipes!  

    Over the years, the AeroPress became on of the most popular brewing methods among coffee lovers. It is an easy to use method and requires little prior knowledge, yet it provides endless recipe possibilities to get everything out of your coffee. The AeroPress XL is increased in size, yet this brewer remains easy to carry, quick to clean and its design makes the brewer almost indestructible. Ideal for home use, during your holiday or to go camp with.

    Zero-bypass brewing

    The AeroPress is a so called 'zero-bypass brewer', which means that all the brewing water will be in contact with the ground coffee. Once you pour all the water in the brewing chamber and let it sit for the desired contacttime, you use the plunger to press all the water through the coffee bed. The result is a evenly extracted, full-bodied coffee. Start experimenting with different recipes and brewing ratio's to start brewing clean filter coffee, or a more full-bodied - almost americano like- cup. 
    The Aeropress XL comes with the following accessories: a scoop, stirrer, 100 paper filters and a strong carafe made out of tritan plastic.


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