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    Espresso beans

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    Espresso Package Tasting Package: Espresso - Single Origin Coffees
    Espresso PackageTasting Package: Espresso - Single Origin Coffees

    Get to know Specialty Coffee in a ...

    Get to know Specialty C...

    €27,95 Incl. tax
        Espresso Package Tasting Package: Espresso - Blends
        Espresso PackageTasting Package: Espresso - Blends

        Get to know our Blends and experie...

        Get to know our Blends ...

        €13,95 Incl. tax
            Microlot Uganda - Kingha Estate (Semi-Anaerobic Natural)
            MicrolotUganda - Kingha Estate (Semi-Anaerobic Natural)

            Nectarine, Chocolate Fudge, Rose...

            Nectarine, Chocolate Fu...

            €13,95 Incl. tax
                Daily Espresso Ethiopia - Odo Shakiso (Washed)
                Daily EspressoEthiopia - Odo Shakiso (Washed)

                Black Tea, Butterscotch, Lime...

                Black Tea, Butterscotch...

                €9,95 Incl. tax
                    Daily Espresso Brazil - Cascavel (Natural)
                    Daily EspressoBrazil - Cascavel (Natural)

                    Chocolate, Nectarine, Hazelnut...

                    Chocolate, Nectarine, H...

                    €7,95 Incl. tax
                        Daily Espresso Peru - Condor Huabal (Washed)
                        Daily EspressoPeru - Condor Huabal (Washed)

                        Caramel, Pecan, Orange...

                        Caramel, Pecan, Orange...

                        €8,95 Incl. tax
                            Blend Espresso No.1
                            BlendEspresso No.1

                            Blackberry, Black Tea and Hazelnut...

                            Blackberry, Black Tea a...

                            €8,50 Incl. tax
                                Blend Espresso No.2
                                BlendEspresso No.2

                                Dark Chocolate, Fudge, Yellow Appl...

                                Dark Chocolate, Fudge, ...

                                €7,50 Incl. tax
                                    Microlot Honduras - Bomba de Fruta (Natural)
                                    MicrolotHonduras - Bomba de Fruta (Natural)

                                    Chocolate Brownie, Cherry, Almond...

                                    Chocolate Brownie, Cher...

                                    €13,95 Incl. tax

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