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Blommers Coffee Beans

Blommers Coffee Beans

We roast our coffee fresh for filter and espresso preparation and always deliver whole beans packed per 250 grams. Our regular assortment of espresso beans can often also be ordered per kilo.

Which roast is suitable for me? 

Filter "Light Roast"
Our "light roast" filter coffee is suitable for manual setting methods such as Kalita, Chemex, Hario V60, Espro Press, French Press, AeroPress and for automatic coffee makers such as MoccaMaster or Wilfa.

We focus with roasting on maximum sweetness, acidity and complexity.


Espresso "Medium Roast"
Espresso beans are suitable for half- and fully automatic espressomachines. Are you looking for a fruity coffee with more acidity than an African coffee fits you. Would you prefer less acidity? Then go for Middle / South American coffee.

For espresso we focus during roasting on complexity, sweetness and body.

Product Range:

We like to work with African coffees hence these can always be found in our assortment. We buy our coffee every season to be able to deliver fresh coffee. It is therefore possible that your favorite coffee bean is no longer available. We ensure that there is a replacement that is at least as good.

For filter coffee we have Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda or Burundi and a coffee from Central America with less acidity. This is usually Honduras or Colombia. For espresso, we have coffee from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala or Honduras and an African coffee for lovers of a fruity espresso.

Storage tip:

We advise you to store the coffee in a cool place in the packaging with as little oxygen as possible in the bag. We pack our coffee with nitrogen so that the coffee stays as fresh as possible. We recommend using the coffee within 6 weeks of branding to enjoy its clarity, sweetness and complexity.

Environmental tip:

We use fully recyclable packaging. So make sure you hand in the empty packaging with the plastic waste. Or, of course, you keep it in your collection after you have placed it on instagram.

Blommers Selection:

Blommers Coffee starts with the selection of the world's best coffee plantations. The plantations are focused on Specialty Coffee and offer traceability of their coffee throughout the entire process. Unlike most coffee brands, we work with plantations that go for maximum quality and not for maximum production. The Arabica varieties we work with deliver high cup scores (Quality Score). This is usually accompanied by a lower production volume. To compensate for this volume, we pay a much higher price per kilo for the coffee.

It is important that the Pickers are stimulated to actually pick the ripest berries. The more sugars in the berries, the sweeter the coffee. In addition, the plantations are experimenting with fermentation processes and different drying techniques to test how they can get the most out of the coffee bean. You will encounter terms such as Fully washed, natural, pulped natural, honey etc. Read more about this in our Blog.

Blommers Coffee is always looking for pronounced coffees without defects in the processing process. We select the coffee at maximum sweetness, best acidity and complexity. The more flavors we can define the better. The coffees are shipped and stored in GrainPro's or Vac packs. This keeps the taste optimally and the coffee is not sensitive to external influences.

Perfection is our motto when roasting. During the roasting, we ensure that we use the quality of the green coffee and get the maximum out of the coffee. Processes are structured in such a way that we can burn consistently at top level. No automatic programs but knowledge, experience and attention in combination with technology and software.

Only that way you get the best coffee.