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These kettles are designed in a way that gives you easily a perfect poured filter coffee. Because the kettles have a long outlet, you can pour with precision, that gives you the ability to create the best coffee possible. Blommers has an assortment of Kalita and Fellow.

Fellow Stagg EKG
Stagg EKG
The electric Pour-over Kettle for the coffee lover. The Fellow Stagg kettle was already one of the nicest and finest kettles on the market. The EKG with variable temperature control, 60 min HOLD option and brew timer is a must have for at home or in a cof
Kalita Thin Spout Kettle 0.7 L
Thin Spout Kettle 0.7 L
The Kalita Thin Spout is the ultimate kettle for preparing 1-2 cups of coffee. The kettle is made out of high quality polished steel and has a capacity of 700 milliliters of hot water. The unique thin spout makes it very easy to pour. Oh and it’s pretty
Kalita Wave Kettle 1.0 L
Wave Kettle 1.0 L
The Kalita Wave Kettle is many peoples favorite and not only enjoyable to look at. This Kettle is made out of the highest quality of polished steel. It pours with ease and gives you the ability to pour the perfect cup of coffee. The kettle has a capacity