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    Pullman BigStep Tamper 58,55mm

    Product description

    Pullman BigStep tamper for a higher coffee extraction

    The Pullman's Big Step tamper has a patented design that works extremely well with the Pullman filter baskets. Both are designed in such a way that the ground coffee is fully pressed evenly over the entire surface. This prevents channeling and thus increases the total extraction and the ultimate taste experience.


    • 58.55 mm tamper for precision filter baskets
    • Rubber grip reduces joint tension
    • Handle rings are included to form a fitting shape
    • Sturdy 440-stainless steel base
    • Reduced chance of a broken puck thanks to the beautiful design
    • Leaves little to no coffee residue

    High-quality BigStep Tamper

    High-quality materials have been used in the design of this espresso tool. The tamper feels weighty and balanced. The base of the tamper is dead straight and made of hardened 440 stainless steel. This makes it strong and will not damage it quickly.

    There are several handles to choose from. Go for a powder-coated aluminum or a wooden handle. This means there is variation in weight, but you can also specify this product according to your own wishes.

    Ergonomic design

    The BigStep comes with three spacers. These function to adjust the tamper exactly to your finger height and hand size. The rings can be used singly or in combination. They come in sizes 2, 5 and 8 millimeters.

    Slightly above the metal base there is a fine rubber ring. This helps absorb some pressure on the fingers while tamping the coffee well.

    A very exact fit

    Pullman Big Step is a true precision tamper. Due to the excellent fit, there is normally the risk of breaking the puck due to suction. Fortunately, this was considered during the design. The small rim around the base creates an airflow as the pusher is retracted. This prevents a vacuum and keeps the coffee cake free of cracks.

    You feel the difference

    While you are tamping the coffee, there will be little slack. There is not really the possibility to move the BigStep back and forth in the filter basket. This indicates how exactly the tamper size is designed to fit, ensuring the best results


    Manufacturer: Pullmann
    Model: Big Step Tamper
    Height: 9.2 cm (adjustable with included rings)
    Diameter: 58.55 mm
    Style: Flat, edge-to-edge tamp
    Weight: 375g
    Materials: 440 stainless steel, rubber, aluminum and polyoxymethylene.


    • Weight and balance
    • Craftsmanship
    • Tool
    • Patented
    • Close-fitting on the Pullman filter baskets
    • Complete compression
    • Reduced channeling
    • Increased extraction

    Supplied as standard

    • The Pullman Big Step Tamper
    • 3 handle rings of 2, 5 and 8 millimeters


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