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    Kōno Dripper - 90th AE 4 Cups / MD-41 (Clear Transparant)

    Kono Kōno Dripper - 90th AE 4 Cups / MD-41 (Clear Transparant)
    Product description

    Kono dripper, the cone shaped dripper with less bypass

    The Kōno dripper provides a sweet and complex cup of coffee. Because the dripper has no ridges on the top, this ensures less bypass. We are increasingly seeing the trend in the development of drippers with less or no bypass.

    Despite appearing to be a newcomer to the Specialty Coffee market, Kono is one of the oldest Japanese brands. The simplicity of the coffee dripper makes it unique. The design ensures that the water drips through it at a constant rate. The grooves that provide distance between the filter and the material and thereby create bypass and improved airflow are only in the lower part of the dripper. This gives the Kono dripper the full and rich taste. The classic 'clear transparent' version of this brewer could only be used with water at a maximum temperature of 92 degrees celcius. This 90th AE transparant brewer allows higher temperatures, which provides more flexibility in creating your recipes. 

    Paper coffee filters for Kono dripper

    You can use all V-shaped coffee filters for 3-4 cups of coffee. We are very pleased with the Cafec filters or those from Kono itself, but the Hario V60 filters can also be used in this dripper.

    Specifications Kono 90th AE 4 cups

    - Capacity 3-4 cups

    - Weight 118 grams

    - Diameter 118 mm


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    Kono Kōno Dripper - 90th AE 4 Cups / MD-41 (Clear Transparant)
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