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    Durgol Universal Power Descaler (750ml)

    Durgol Durgol Universal Power Descaler (750ml)
    Product description

    Durgol Universal Power Descaler (750ml)

    Liquid descaler for filtercoffee machines, boilers and kettles.

    Durgol Universal quickly removes all limescale from household objects. The special formula guarantees efficient descaling and does not damage the material. In addition, the product is safe for food and the environment. Durgol Universal is the universal quick descaler for all household objects. For example, coffee makers, kettles, tap strainers, shower heads, pans, vases, glasses, etc.

    Why Durgol Universal Power?

    • High quality
    • Frequent descaling reduces high costs for maintenance and reparations.
    • Ready to use
    • Safe, odorless and tasteless 
    • More than 10x faster than citric acid
    • Effecitive protection against corrosion

    Planning to descale your espresso machine? In that case, we'd suggest Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler!


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    Durgol Universal Power Descaler (750ml)
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