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    Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate (Anaerobic Natural)

    Microlot Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate (Anaerobic Natural)
    Product description

    Costa Rica - Aquiares Estate (Anaerobic Natural)

    This unique variety and perfect processing lead to an absolute fruit bomb.

    This coffee, featuring the Centroamericano H1 - an F1 hybrid from crossing Sarchimor T-5296 with wild Sudan Rume - offers a wild and complex flavour profile due to its rare variety and professional processing.


    Producer and Region

    "Aquiares", meaning "land between rivers" in the Huetar indigenous language, refers to the family-run Aquiares Estate located on the Turrialba volcano's slopes, an area rich in forests, rivers, wildlife, and vibrant flora. Currently managed by Alfonso's son, Diego, the farm has adopted innovative approaches to specialty coffee, exploring its potential. Under Diego's leadership, Aquiares has excelled in agricultural management, embracing new varieties, and pioneering in processing methods, establishing itself as a leader in innovative coffee processing.


    This coffee contains the Centroamericano H1 is an F1 hybrid variety generated by crossing the Sarchimor T-5296 and a wild Sudan Rume variety. 

    The Centroamericano variety, chosen for its high mucilage content, is ideal for Anaerobic Natural processing. The process involves floating and washing the cherries without depulping, followed by placing them in a stainless steel tank with a one-way air valve. Natural fermentation begins with the cherries' inherent microorganisms and yeast, creating an anaerobic environment within hours. This fermentation lasts 24 hours. Post-fermentation, the cherries are washed and dried, starting on a ceramic patio for two days before moving to layered beds in a solar dryer.

    Flavour profile

    The combination of this rare variety and professional processing results in a wild and complex flavour profile. It offers a velvety structure with chocolaty creaminess, reminiscent of ripe cantaloupe melon and sweet & sour kaki, followed by a smooth, honey-like aftertaste.

    Product specifications

    Costa Rica
    Aquiares Estate
    Diego Robelo
    Centroamericano H1
    Anaerobic Natural
    Flavour Notes
    Cantaloupe, Kaki, Honey


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