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JoeFrex Grinder brush Maxi
Grinder brush Maxi
JoeFrex brush to clean the coffee grinder and worktop.
Comandante Barista Brush #2 (Beech wood)
Barista Brush #2 (Beech wood)
This is the new Barista Brush # 2 from Comandante. Made from Beech wood and horsehair. Only the best materials for real coffee connoisseurs!
Pallo Spare Brushes (3 pack)
Spare Brushes (3 pack)
Set of 3 Pällo spare brushes for the Pällo Coffeetool LP brew group brush. The brushes have a steam pipe needle and are suitable for all Pällo steam pipe brushes.
Pallo Coffeetool
The Pällo Coffeetool is the ultimate tool to clean your espressomachine. The unique design of the brush makes cleaning an commercial or homemachine easy and effective. The brush will keep your hands cool and dry while cleaning. The onboard dosing spoon me