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    Uganda - Kingha Estate (Semi-Anaerobic Natural)

    Product description

    Uganda - Kingha Estate (Semi-Anaerobic Natural)

    A full-bodied, sweet and complex cup, yet very easy-going

    This is a special project from our coffee sourcing partner; Nordic Approach. Together with the farm owner Kingsley Griffin they started this project in the remote area of southwest Uganda. Most of the farmers in this area produce low quality coffee, but here at the Kingha Estate they work very hard to get the most out of it! 

    Nordic Approach supports financially by pre-financing the whole harvest and by sending coffee production experts to optimize the coffee growing and processing. This way of collaboration with producers opens doors for experimenting freely with different processings. This particular coffee is a good example of one of those successfully executed experiments. 

    Semi-anaerobic fermentation

    For this coffee they did a semi-anaerobic fermentation method which is developed to add more fermentation without increasing the cost of the production. First, the cherries undergo 12 hours of cherry fermentation in an anaerobic situation before they are dried like a natural on African dry beds. Anaerobic fermentation causes more intense sweetness and very recognizable flavour profiles.

    It’s time for you to discover those flavours! We hope you find this coffee as interesting and delicious as we do.

    Product specifications

    Washing Station
    Kingha Estate Outgrowers
    Kingsley Griffin
    SL28, SL14
    Semi-Anaerobic Natural
    Flavour Notes
    Nectarine, Chocolate Fudge, Rose


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