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    Zoto - Ganzo, Peru 75%

    Product description

    Zoto - Ganzo, Peru 75% (45 grams)

    After a successful chocolate and coffee pairing we launched during the holidays in 2022 we have our second chocolate bar for you! 

    Together with we picked an amazing chocolate bar to share with you. It’s produced by the Belgium bean to bar chocolate makers named Zoto. The main focus from Zoto is sharing unique flavour experiences, sharing unique cacao’s, improving quality and creating awareness by bringing the story of the producer closer to the consumer. 

    Qori Warmi Cooperative

    The cacao comes from the Cusco region and is produced by the Qori Warmi Cooperative which is fully operated by women. Fermentation took place in pre-drained wooden boxes for 6 days followed by 8 hours of pre-drying (slow drying) and 7 days of drying in a parabolic lighthouse. In order to keep all the fruitiness, this cacao has to offer they roast this cacao slowly at 117 degrees in 29 minutes

    Flavor profile

    This chocolate bar is very well balanced, creamy, fruity, exotic and super explosive in flavour. We found passionfruit, raisin and perfumed florals.

    For the perfect taste experience you take a small bite, chew a little and let it melt in your mouth. Enjoy this bar as it is, or unlock a full new experience by pairing it with one of our coffees. 


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