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Your favorite tradition is coming: De Latte & De Zatte! On Saturday, April 13th, baristas from all corners of the Netherlands will compete with each other during the biggest and cosiest latte art throw-down in the Netherlands!


About De Latte

Register with your colleagues (or just yourself) and prepare yourself. Wear your company shirt or your company hat, drink some good courage, get on the stage and let the frothing start!


Registrations are open! Make sure you buy a barista ticket. Need an invoice? Let us know!

The party people and fans can also buy their ticket (visitor ticket)!


Buy your tickets here!


After 'De Latte' we immediately continue with De Zatte and we rinse all cappuccino's with a foaming beer during 'De Zatte'.


About De Zatte

Of course we are a fan of good coffee and nice latte art, but we do not shun the beer! What would 'De Latte' be without 'De Zatte'? From 23:00 hours we grind the dance floor during 'De Zatte'.




Door open: 7:30 pm // Start Latte: 8:00 pm // Start Sat: 23:00

Barista's entrance fee: € 10.00 // Visitor entrance fee: € 7.50 (including service costs)