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Learn tips and tricks from an expert barista for making specialty coffee at home. Join our interactive session where we will talk about coffee preparation, measurements and milk foam.

This masterclass will consist of the following:

• Espresso basics

• Dial in espresso beans

• latte art

From the comfort of your own home, you'll learn to get (or extract) the best from fresh beans in a fun and interactive 45-minute session. Although you can do without it, you will get the best out of our masterclass if you have the following:

• Sage espresso machine (with grinder)

• Coffee beans in the hopper (maximum one month old)

• Full water reservoir and an empty drip tray

• Milk jug and (alternative) milk

• All Sage accessories (minimum razor, tamper and double shot single wall bin)

• Dishcloth

• Knock tray for used coffee cake

• Laptop/mobile that is charged or connected to the power

• Timer (phone timer is fine)

Our live masterclass is designed to go at a pace that should be easy for everyone to follow.

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