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    Ethiopia - Odo Shakiso (Washed)

    Product description

    Ethiopia - Odo Shakiso (Washed)

    A smooth and floral driven coffee with a chocolaty finish.

    As you might know, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Coffee from Ethiopia is one of a kind and offers a very recognizable and distinct flavour profile. Most Ethiopian coffees are a mixture of many varieties. That means the terroir is more responsible for those distinct and recognizable flavours than the varieties. Cool, right?!   

    Wadessa Yachiso

    This coffee is produced by the family business which is managed by Wadessa Yachiso. Back in 2010 Wadessa invested in an extraordinary piece of forest to start his own coffee business. Together with some local suppliers he produces outstanding coffee in an impressive forest. All his coffees are processed on one of his own washing stations.

    The coffee grows at an average altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. The altitude causes slow cherry maturation and the cherries suffer less damage from insects. This will give you a sweeter cup with more depth in flavour. We roast this coffee light enough to enhance those floral and fruity characteristics, but developed enough to make it easy to extract well. Now it’s time to taste that beautiful Ethiopian terroir!

    Product specifications

    Washing Station
    Wadessa Yachiso & Smalholders
    Flavour Notes
    Black Tea, Butterscotch, Lime


    5 / 5Based on 5 reviews
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Laurens on 11 October 2023

      great daily driver. also very suitable for 1:4 ratio lungo's


      great daily driver. also very suitable for 1:4 ratio lungo's

      • +floral & sweet
      • +delicious
      • +great
      • +nice
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Wim on 10 October 2023

      Heerlijke koffie, puur, inzetbaar op elke denkbare wijze.


      Heerlijke koffie, puur, inzetbaar op elke denkbare wijze.

      • +Als je van koffie houdt? Probeer dit! Veel te ontdekken!
      • -Misschien de prijs? Maar ja, kwaliteit kost tijd, energie, aandacht. Het prijskaartje. Meer dan waard!
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Wim on 19 June 2023

      Lovely delicate coffee

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