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    Colombia - Monteblanco (Cold Washed)

    Exceptional Colombia - Monteblanco (Cold Washed)
    Product description

    Colombia - Monteblanco (Cold Washed) 200 Grams

    A parfumed and spicy coffee with sweet and crisp acidity.

    This coffee is produced by the famous coffee producer Rodrigo Sanchez at his farm Monteblanco. Monteblanco is located in Pitalito in the Huila region of Colombia. Rodrigo is a fourth-generation and is widely recognized as the person who discovered the variety Pink Bourbon. He also won Colombia’s best coffee award for two years straight. In this competition, he presented his signature Cold washed processing method. 

    Cold Washed

    Rodrigo’s main goal is to keep on innovating and trying to make a difference by optimizing and developing extraordinary processing methods. Since 2015 he has been working on this process called Cold Washed. This process gives way to the new profiles he was looking for. It all starts with pulping the coffee and taking it to a cooling room to lengthen its fermentation. The result is a much better pronouncement of the actual variety.  It was a difficult process with ups and downs that took him two years to perfect. But the result is incredible! 

    For this particular coffee all the cherries have a sugar content of 26 to 30 degrees brix. The cherries are pulped and immediately placed in grain-pro bags to give them a 76 hour of slow fermentation at a low temperature between 10 to 13 degrees, followed by a normal fermentation process and then washed very well. For 3 days he dried the coffee in direct sunlight, followed by a slow drying in canopies for 23 tot 25 days. 

    Taste profile

    This coffee will hit your nose with a very powerful perfumed kick and leave your mouth filled with fresh and tingling ginger, refreshing lemongrass and a sweet and herbal rose lemonade finish.

    Product specifications

    Huila, San Adolfo
    Rodrigo Sanchez
    Pink Bourbon
    Cold Washed
    Flavour Notes
    Ginger, Lemongrass, Rose Lemonade


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    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: K. Moutevelis on 5 July 2023
      Yes, this coffee really tastes of ginger. It is very refreshing, delicious, sweet, also delicate and unique.
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