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    Colombia - Las Veraneras, Java (Experimental Washed)

    Exceptional Colombia - Las Veraneras, Java (Experimental Washed)
    Product description

    Colombia - Las Veraneras (Experimental Washed) - 200 Grams

    This washed Java variety perfectly showcases its terroir and variety.

    Producer and Region

    This coffee is produced by the famous coffee producer Rodrigo Sanchez at his newest farm Las Veraneras. The farm is located on the Penas Blancas mountain range bordering the municipality of Acevedo and Pitalito. It's surrounded by more than 200 hectares of forest reserve and plenty of fresh mountain streams. 

    Rodrigo is the fourth-generation producer in his family and is widely recognized as the person who discovered the variety Pink Bourbon. He also won Colombia’s best coffee award for two straight years. His main goal is to keep on innovating and try to make a difference by perfecting and developing extraordinary coffee production skills.

    Processing and Variety

    The cherries were harvested when they reached a level of 22 degrees brix. They let the cherries rest for 12 hours before pulping them and then anaerobic ferment then pulped cherries in barrels for 64 hours. The final step is washing and drying until the desired moisture level is reached.

    The Java variety finds its origin in Ethiopia as a natural mutation of Typica, seeds were later taken to Indonesia where it was named Java. With their bronze tipped, wide and long leaves, and the longest cherries ever seen in Colombia, Java trees are very different from other varieties. 


    This washed Java variety perfectly showcases its terroir and variety. It is a clean and transparent expression which is on one hand nutty in a high class way and on the other hand very fruity and juicy like a ripe pear.

    Product specifications

    Huila, San Adolfo
    Las Veraneras
    Rodrigo Sanchez
    Experimental Washed
    Flavour Notes
    Pear, Red Grape, Hazelnut


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