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    Colombia - Jhonathan Gasca (Thermal Shocked Natural) 200 Gram

    Exceptional Colombia - Jhonathan Gasca (Thermal Shocked Natural) 200 Gram
    Product description

    Colombia - Jhonathan Gasca (Thermal Shocked Natural)

    A world class competition coffee that will blow your mind.

    Crafted with a deep respect for both tradition and innovation, this Pacamara coffee showcases Jhonatan Gasca's dedication and precise approach at Finca Zarza in Colombia. This was the competition coffee of Milo Gil during the 2024 World Brewers Cup in Chicago.

    Producer and Region

    Jhonatan and Johan Gasca, the innovative minds behind Finca Zarza in Colombia, Huila, have a rich family tradition in coffee cultivation. Their dedication has earned their coffee recognition at international competitions and solidified their reputation for excellence and innovation.


    The Gascas utilise a Natural Thermal Shock process, beginning with the careful selection of ripe cherries. After an anaerobic fermentation stage lasting 150 hours, the cherries undergo a rapid cooling process which helps to lock in volatile aromatic compounds, intensifying fruity and floral notes. This method not only preserves the unique flavours but also intensifies them, creating a complex and vibrant cup.


    This coffee offers rich tropical fruit and berry notes with subtle floral undertones. Featured at the World Brewers Cup 2024 in Chicago, it exemplifies the Gasca family's commitment to excellence and quality. 

    Product specifications

    Bruselas, Huila
    Jhonathan Gasca
    Thermal Shocked Natural
    Flavour Notes
    Ripe Banana, Pineapple, Mango


    5 / 5Based on 1 reviews
    • 5 / 5
      Posted by: Eric on 14 June 2024
      Extraordinary. One has to be ready to adjust one's taste bud expectations for this coffee. Delicate tropical flowers on the nose, and these floral notes persist in the mouth.
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    Exceptional Colombia - Jhonathan Gasca (Thermal Shocked Natural)
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