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    1Zpresso J-Max S hand grinder for espresso

    Product description

    1Zpresso J-Max S - A premium hand grinder for espresso

    If you're looking for a very high-quality manual espresso grinder, the J-Max S is the best choice. With a fine adjustment of no less than 8.8 microns per click, this is the hand grinder from 1Zpresso with the most accurate settings. This way you will find the perfect grind for your espresso.

    The 1Zpresso hand grinders are well-designed and have a great build quality. The consistency of the grind is fantastic, and the J-Max S raises the bar even higher.

    Design and build quality J-Max S Hand Mill

    The J-Max S is a nice piece of engineering with a solid design, a patented silicone grip and durable bearings. The collection cup is magnetic and easy to remove by turning the cup slightly. The 13 magnets ensure that the cup stays in place, even during intensive grinding. The capacity of the collection cup is 35 to 40 grams of ground coffee. The grinder comes with a protective cover and also includes accessories such as a cleaning brush and a cleaning blower. The crank on the J-max S is foldable and has a wooden knob on the handle.

    Grinding Wheels with Titanium Coating

    The 1Zpresso J-Max S has a titanium-coated 48 mm conical grinder set with a unique design especially for espresso.

    Very fine grind adjustment suitable for espresso

    The J-Max S has 9 numbers with 90 clicks per round. Each click has an 8.8 micron adjustment.

    Only the K Series and J-Max S grinders have the external adjustment knob, so there is no need to remove the handle or canister to adjust the grind setting.


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