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Blommers Bar

Blommers bar is the flagship store of Blommers Coffee Roasters located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This espressobar is our lab where we try new things in coffee and serve you only the best we offer. Come in for a marvelous coffee, tasty wines and some great lunch.



 Blommers Bar Handelskade Nijmegen 


The Bar is located in the newest part of Nijmegen called The Handelskade near the city center of Nijmegen.
Nearest Busstop: Joris Ivensplein. In the upcoming weeks you need to take a walk because they are still builiding around the bar. See you soon!



 Blommers Bar Handelskade Nijmegen   


Kaaisjouwerskade 206
6541 EW Nijmegen 

Telefoon: 024 2069165

Email: bar@blommers.coffee


WEDNESDAY   9.00 - 17:30
THURSDAY      9.00 - 17:30 
FRIDAY            9.00 - 17:30 
SATURDAY      9.00 - 17:30 
SUNDAY          9.00 - 17.30 

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